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To be in the soil is to return home

To steward the earth is to rise into our calling

Dr. Rachel H., client

“It’s been very helpful to have Emily give me guidance on planning, how to improve my garden, my soil…I’m excited! Overall I think this is an invaluable resource. There’s nothing out there like it…nothing can replace someone coming in, hands on, to give advice that’s trusted. Gardening has helped me navigate the stress of everything the world is facing; it’s a blessing and I would highly recommend it!”

To grow a plant is to triumph

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gardening feels like coming home to yourself

Whole body movement in the open air & sunshine

Having a hobby for the entire family to enjoy together

Organic, homegrown fruits and vegetables that taste 1000x better than store-bought

Providing sustainable habitat for pollinators

Connecting to the ancient processes of life, decay, and renewal woven into the earth

But garden overwhelm can be real...

You've tried it all.

The raised beds look great that first spring with their fresh new wood and dark soil. You can't wait to get the seedlings in the ground. You know this will be your year; harvesting a huge, juicy tomato to slice on your BLT and having plenty to share with friends & neighbors. 


By July 4th the garden is turning into a jungle. You can't figure out what to do with the gangly tomato vine branches that have swallowed up the cage you set in place for support. And what's that eating your tomatoes? You wish you were but only a few produced. The soil is drying out and you forget to water when you get home from work. By late summer the weeds have taken over the bed and all you can do is sigh when you see it from the kitchen window.


exists to overcome the overwhelm

We inspire & instruct

We motivate & encourage

We share & connect

never garden 

Image by Robin St

there are many ways to get Grounded and grow

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