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“Emily's gardening expertise & down-to-earth approach make her an absolute joy to work with. I gained so much confidence from just one consult and look forward to working with her as my garden grows!”

- Sarah F., client


“It’s been very helpful to have Emily give me guidance on planning, how to improve my garden, my soil…I’m excited! Overall I think this is an invaluable resource. There’s nothing out there like it…nothing can replace someone coming in, hands on, to give advice that’s trusted. Gardening has helped me navigate the stress of everything the world is facing; it’s a blessing and I would highly recommend it!”

- Dr. Rachel H., client


"Emily holds the keys to designing, installing, and improving garden spaces...her vision and passion facilitate growth and wonder, inviting you to treasure and enjoy your outdoor space in a fresh way!"


-Libba A., client

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