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Tired of failed attempts at growing your own food?

Plagued by doubts that you could ever succeed as an organic home gardener?

Wonder why cilantro always lets you down?


This concise but jam-packed eBook has all the tips and encouragement you will need to believe that you CAN grow your own organic vegetable garden! Join the author on an illuminating journey through the development and seasons of a basic vegetable garden. Her 20+ years of hands-on gardening experience creating thriving school and home gardens will get you off to a solid start. In these 85 pages you will find simple steps to do each day for making progress toward your goal of homegrown, organic food. As you develop your skills, you will grow in your confidence that the earth at your feet really is your ally. Prepare to find the key to demystifying the techniques for taping into the hardwired capacity of your yard to supply you with an abundant harvest. And you will find inspiration along the way to discover the gifts of awe and peace of mind that the garden can grow for you as well.


This item comes as a pdf download.


Note: all of the content in the mini-ebook series can be found in this volume plus much more! ( except for the Less Stress Seed Starting eBook which stands alone)

Yard to Table: You CAN Grow an Organic Garden!



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